C.H. Jonathan Choi Research Group

By exploring how nanoparticles interact with the living system across the length scales of organs, tissues, cells, and organelles, we design novel bionanomaterials for treating diseases arisen from various biological locations in vivo.

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Cecilia's review article entitled “Recent advances in managing atherosclerosis via nanomedicine” was published in Small! Congratulations! [Abstract & Full Text]
Kit's work entitled “Polydopamine-based concentric nanoshells with programmable architectures and plasmonic properties” was published in Nanoscale! Congratulations! [Abstract & Full Text]
Shirley Bai, Elaine Chiu and Alisa Han are starting their 1st year PhD studies in BME here in Bionanotachnology Lab. Welcome our first MSC student in research medicine, Kelvin Li (co-supervised by Prof Sunny Wong)! Find out more about them here.
Prof Choi was recently interviewed by the Hong Kong Economic Journal (信報). [Click here for the article copy]
Prof Choi joined the newly established Department of Biomedical Engineering at CUHK on July 1 2017.
As an annual exercise, the Department of Electronic Engineering invites undergraduate students to vote for the Exemplary Teaching Award in recognition of our professor’s excellent teaching performance in that acedemic year. This year, Prof Arthur Mak and Prof Jonathan Choi received the highest votes and were both awarded the Department's Exemplary Teaching Awards (2016-17).
Cola's work entitled “Effect of alkylation on the cellular uptake of polyethylene glycol-coated gold nanoparticles” was published in ACS Nano! Congratulations! [Abstract & Full Text]
Donna received an Outstanding Tutor Award from the Faculty of Engineering in recognition of her excellent teaching performance in 2015-2016. Congratulations, Donna!