C.H. Jonathan Choi Research Group

By exploring how nanoparticles interact with the living system across the length scales of organs, tissues, cells, and organelles, we design novel bionanomaterials for treating diseases arisen from various biological locations in vivo.

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Donna has received an Outstanding Tutor Award from the Department of Electronic Engineering in recognition of her excellent teaching performance in 2015-2016. Congratulations!
Prof Choi was invited by radio talk show entitled “Science World” to discuss the biomedical applications of nanotechnology. The episode was aired on CIBS Channel DAB31 of RTHK at 9 PM on October 26, 2016.

Community Involvement Broadcasting Service (CIBS): Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) supports non-government organizations to participate in broadcasting. CIBS is open for applications to produce radio programmes to be broadcast by RTHK.

Prof Choi with Mr Felix Tse, producer of “Science World”

Prof Choi with hosts of “Science World”

Huize Li and Yao Liu are starting their 1st year PhD study here in Bionanotachnology Lab. Welcome! Find out more about them here.
Donna's work entitled “Mechanism for the cellular uptake of targeted gold nanorods of defined aspect ratios” has been published in Small! Congratulations! [Abstract & Full Text]
Prof Jonathan Choi received a Croucher Innovation Award 2016 in the amount of HKD 5 million. He is the first ever awardee from CUHK since the inauguration of this award by the Croucher Foundation in 2012.

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[LEFT] Prof Rosie Young presents the Innovation Award to Prof Choi; [RIGHT] Prof Rosie Young poses for a group photo with Prof Jonathan Choi (recipient of Croucher Innovation Award 2016), Prof Rossa Chiu and Prof Jun Yu (both recipients of Croucher Senior Medical Research Fellowships 2016 from CUHK), as well as other senior members of the CUHK community.

Cola has received an Outstanding Tutor Award from the Faculty of Engineering in recognition of her excellent teaching performance in 2014-2015. She feels absolutely delighted and honoured to be nominated for this prestigious award, and will continue to tutor her undergraduate students with passion and patience. Congratulations, Cola!