C.H. Jonathan Choi Research Group

By exploring how nanoparticles interact with the living system across the length scales of organs, tissues, cells, and organelles, we design novel bionanomaterials for treating diseases arisen from various biological locations in vivo.

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September 2023

Back (L-R): Prof Jonathan Choi, Moldir Shyngys, Lula Zeng, Reese Xiao, Yuen He, Dr Zhihui Liang, Gwyneth Lau, Christina Ieong, Dr Maria Kwan, Aiana Baekova
Front (L-R): Leo Lee, Dr Shaorui Liu, Billy Muljadi, Suen Cheung, Raquel Guo, Jacky Lo

September 2022

Back (L-R): Aiana Baekova, Christina Ieong, Dr Zhihui Liang, Lula Zeng, Dr Cecilia Chan, Yuen He, Gwyneth Lau, Reese Xiao, Shirley Bai, Moldir Shyngys
Front (L-R): Leo Lee, Prof Jonathan Choi, Dr Shaorui Liu

September 2021

Back (L-R): Ashley Liu, Reese Xiao, Shirley Bai, Alisa Han, Dr Cecilia Chan, Yuen He, Dr Cola Ho, Gwyneth Lau
Front (L-R): Dr Shaorui Liu, Prof Jonathan Choi, Leo Lee, Melanie Wong

August 2020

1st row (L-R): Dr Hanzhuang Liu, Ashley Liu, Dr Cola Ho, Dr Bohan Yin, Alisa Han
2nd row (L-R): Dr Shaorui Liu, Huize Li, Dr Cecilia Chan
3rd row (L-R): Leo Lee, Reese Xiao, Gwyneth Lau, Prof Jonathan Choi
4th row (L-R): Dr Ryan Kwok, Shirley Bai, Elaine Chiu

August 2019

Back (L-R): Dr Cola Ho, Dr Cecilia Chan, Elaine Chiu, Huize Li, Bohan Yin, Reese Xiao, Alisa Han, Shirley Bai, Ashley Liu
Front (L-R): Samuel Sy, Dr Shaorui Liu, Prof Jonathan Choi, Leo Lee, Dr Hanzhuang Liu, Dr Kit Choi

September 2018

Back (L-R): Melanie Wong, Elaine Chiu, Alisa Han, Ashley Liu, Bohan Yin, Shirley Bai, Yun Lu Tee, Cecilia Chan, Huize Li, Dr Cola Ho
Front (L-R): Kit Choi, Leo Lee, Prof Jonathan Choi, Samuel Sy

September 2017

Standing back row (L-R): Samuel Sy, Kelvin Li, Bohan Yin, Huize Li, Shirley Bai, Alisa Han, Ashley Liu, Elaine Chiu
Sitting (L-R): Kit Choi, Cecilia Chan, Prof Jonathan Choi, Donna Yang, Cola Ho

August 2016

Standing back row (L-R): Prof Jonathan Choi, Ashley Liu, Huize Li, Bohan Yin, Kit Choi
Sitting (L-R): Samuel Sy, Cecilia Chan, Dr Lei Zhang, Donna Yang, Cola Ho, Melanie Wong

August 2015

Standing back row (L-R): Cecilia Chan, Ruyi Chen, Donna Yang, Cola Ho, Kit Choi, Bohan Yin, Samuel Sy
Sitting (L-R): Dr Lei Zhang, Melanie Wong, Prof Jonathan Choi, Dr Zhong Chen

November 2014

(L-R): Ruyi Chen, Dr Zhong Chen, Donna Yang, Cola Ho, Melanie Wong, Prof Jonathan Choi

October 2013

Donna Yang and Prof Jonathan Choi