C.H. Jonathan Choi Research Group

By exploring how nanoparticles interact with the living system across the length scales of organs, tissues, cells, and organelles, we design novel bionanomaterials for treating diseases arisen from various biological locations in vivo.

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Post-Doctoral Scholars

Hanzhuang LIU

LIU Hanzhuang 劉漢壯

Postdoctoral Fellow: 12/2018 – 8/2021
Most Recent Location: Assistant Research Fellow, Bayray Innovation Center, Shenzhen Bay Laboratory, China


ZHANG Lei 張蕾

Postdoctoral Fellow: 12/2014 – 12/2018
Most Recent Location: Associate Professor, School of Chemical Engineering, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China

Zhong CHEN

CHEN Zhong 陳中

Postdoctoral Fellow: 11/2014 – 8/2016
Most Recent Location: Engineer, Instrumentation and Service Center for Physical Sciences (ISCPS), Westlake University, China

Graduate Students

Shirley BAI

BAI Qianqian, Shirley 柏芊芊

PhD in Biomedical Engineering: 8/2017 - 8/2022
Research Assistant: 9/2022 – 11/2022
Thesis title: "Systemic delivery of microRNA-146a for reducing atherosclerosis via RNA-coated iron oxide nanoparticles"
Most Recent Location: Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Applied Physics, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

HAN Rufang

HAN Ruifang, Alisa 韓瑞芳

PhD in Biomedical Engineering: 8/2017 - 11/2021
Thesis title: "Alkyl-terminated gold nanoparticles for enhancing delivery to skin keratinocytes and treating psoriasis"
Most Recent Location: Biomedical Engineer at the Shenzhen Smoore Tech Limited (Shenzhen, China)


LIU Yao, Ashley 劉瑤

PhD in Biomedical Engineering (HKPFS Fellow): 8/2016 - 9/2021
Thesis title: "Interaction between polydopamine-coated nanoparticles and dopamine receptors"
Most Recent Location: Formulation Scientist at WuXi Biologics (Shanghai, China)

LI Huize

LI Huize 李惠澤

PhD in Biomedical Engineering: 8/2016 - 11/2020
Research Assistant: 12/2020 - 5/2021
Thesis title: "Intranuclear delivery of oligonucleotide-based nanostructures via gentle compression and attachment of polythymidine"
Most Recent Location: Research Scientist at the Shenzhen Neptunus Bioengineering Company Ltd. (Shenzhen, China)

Samuel SY

SY Kwun Hei, Samuel 施觀熙

PhD in Biomedical Engineering: 8/2015 - 4/2020
Thesis title: "Multiscale engineering of physical systems for probing biological systems: use of nanoparticles, microfluidics and optics to investigate cellular internalization and vertebrate chemosensory perception"
Most Recent Location: Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Medicine and Therapeutics, CUHK

Cola Ho

YIN Bohan 殷伯翰

PhD in Biomedical Engineering: 8/2015 - 3/2020
Research Assistant: 4/2020 - 11/2020
Thesis title: "Journey of nanoparticles inside the cell and inside the lung: effect of functional groups"
Most Recent Location: Professor at Ocean University of China

Cecilia Chan

CHAN Cecilia Ka Wing 陳嘉穎

PhD in Surgery: 8/2015 - 8/2019
Research Assistant in Biomedical Engineering and Surgery: 10/2019 - 8/2022
Thesis title: "Design of nanoparticles for chronic kidney disease"
Most Recent Location: Research Assistant, Department of Surgery, CUHK

Chun Kit Choi

CHOI Chun Kit 蔡俊傑

PhD in Biomedical Engineering: 8/2015 - 7/2019
Thesis title: "Polydopamine-based plasmonic nanostructures for intracellular applications"
Most Recent Location: Research Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Pathology, CUHK

Cola Ho

HO Lok Wai, Cola 何樂為

PhD in Biomedical Engineering: 8/2014 - 10/2018
Research Associate: 1/2019 - 2/2022
Thesis title: "The journey of alkyl-terminated gold nanoparticles into, en route, and out of the cell"

Donna Yang

YANG Hongrong, Donna 楊宏容

PhD in Biomedical Engineering: 9/2013 - 4/2018
Thesis title: "Understanding “bio-nano” interactions from the nanoparticles' and cells' perspectives"
Most Recent Location: Senior Scientist, Hongene Biotech Corporation USA (San Francisco, USA)


CHEN Ruyi 陳如意

MPhil in Biomedical Engineering: 8/2014 - 7/2016
Thesis title: "Transport of transferrin-targeted gold nanoparticles across the blood-brain barrier in vitro"