C.H. Jonathan Choi Research Group

By exploring how nanoparticles interact with the living system across the length scales of organs, tissues, cells, and organelles, we design novel bionanomaterials for treating diseases arisen from various biological locations in vivo.

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Zhihui and Yuan's invited minireview entitled "Cell-nano interactions of polydopamine nanoparticles" was published in Current Opinion in Biotechnology! Congratulations! [Abstract & Full Text]
Cecilia's work entitled "A sub-10-nm, folic acid-conjugated gold nanoparticle as self-therapeutic treatment of tubulointerstitial fibrosis" was published in PNAS! Congratulations! [Abstract & Full Text]
Suen CHEUNG, Raquel GUO and Mathias Billy MULJADI are starting their 1st year PhD studies in BME here in Bionanotachnology Lab. Welcome! Find out more about them here.
Prof Choi was conferred the 2023/24 Research Grants Council (RGC) Research Fellow in recognition of his research achievements. Prof Choi's awarded project is "Preclinical Translation of Spherical Nucleic Acid Nanostructures for Managing Cardiovascular Diseases". He is one of the 10 RGC Research Fellows awarded this year, across all fields of science and humanities in Hong Kong. The fellowship of ~HK$ 5.2 million can cover salary costs for teaching relief and research expenses over 5 years.

See the list of awardees here and the coverage from CUHK Communications and Public Relations Office, Faculty of Engineering, United College eNewsletter and Sing Tao Education.
Cola and Bohan's invited Viewpoint entitled “How do cells exocytose nanoparticles?” was published in Biochemistry! Congratulations! [Abstract & Full Text]
Yao (a former recipient of the HKPFS fellowship)'s paper entitled "Dopamine Receptor-Mediated Binding and Cellular Uptake of Polydopamine-Coated Nanoparticles" has become a finalist for the 2023 ACS Nano Impact Award. This 2023 award honors a team of authors for their significant contributions to a research work published in ACS Nano in 2021 and 2022. There was one winner and four finalists around the world.
Prof Zhao Yuliang visited CUHK BME and the Bionanotechnology Lab as part of CUHK’s 13th Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Academicians Visit Program. He delivered a seminar on his research in nanomedicine and nano-bio interactions and interacted with our group members.