Microfluidics Innovated


Cellular heterogeneity is intrinsic to many cell-fate processes; however, traditional biological analysis often relies on averaged phenotypic information and overlooks the heterogeneous responses among cells. MIB's goal is to apply the innovations of microfluidics and nanotechnology to understand the cellular heterogeneity. Ultimately, the generated knowledge will lay the foundation for future medicine on both diagnostics and therapeutics.

As the foundation towards the above-mentioned goals, the ongoing projects in the research group are focused on the engineering development of:

  1. Lab-on-a-Chip: Making the Small
  2. Ex: Development and fabrication of droplet microfluidics

  3. Molecular Imaging: Reading from the Small
  4. Ex: Diagnostics of Infectious Diseases via Enzymatic Activities by Nanosensors
    Molecular Imaging

  5. Cell Manipulation and Analysis: Learning from the Small
  6. Ex: Microfluidics based double-emulsion for the production of multicellular spheroids
    Cell Manipulation and Analysis