The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Advanced Biophotonics Imaging Laboratory
(ABI Lab)

The Advanced Biophotonics Imaging Laboratory (ABI Lab) is directed by Dr. YUAN Wu, Scott. Our lab's research focuses on developing

  1. high-performance fiber-optic endomicroscopy technologies,
  2. imaging-guided intraoperative methods, and
  3. novel image interpretation and quantification tools.

Applications of these biomedical optics and imaging technologies focus on tumor detection, image-guided biopsy, surgical interventions and deep-brain imaging, with an objective to better understand the histopathology and pathophysiology of diseases, non-invasively screen early diseases, precisely diagnose and treat diseases, accurately assess the treatment outcomes, and reliably guide the surgery intraoperatively.

We are always looking for motivated graduate and undergraduate students, postdocs, and visiting scholars to join our team. If interested, please email Scott Yuan at “".