James Kunyu Zhang

B. S.,  The Hong Kong Polytechnic University,  Chemical Technology

Email: kyuzhang@gmail.com

Research Assistants

Meiling Zhu, Ph.D. Graduate (2013-16)

Qian Feng, Ph.D. Graduate (2013-17)

Gang Yang, Research Assistant (2016-17

Jinming Li, Postdoctoral fellow (2014-16)

Jianbin Xu, Postdoctoral fellow (2014-16)

Chaoqun Dong, M.Phil student (2014-16)

Shanyuhan Su , Research assistant (2015-16)

Yang Xu, Research assistant (2014-15)

Choi Chun Kit, Research assistant (2014-15)  

Heqin Huang, Research assistant  (2014-15)

Prof. Liming Bian (边黎明)

Email: lbian@cuhk.edu.hk, Tele: 852-39438342

2012-present, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

2009 –2012, University of Pennsylvania, Postdoctoral researcher

2004 –2009, Columbia University, Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Heng Chen

Ph.D., Northwestern Polytechnical University,  Polymer Chemistry and Physics

Email: henry99@163.com

Rui Li

B. S., Jilin University, Veterinary Medicine (Public Health)

Email: lirayjlu@gmail.com

Xiayi Xu

B. S., Central South University, Biotechnology

Xiaoyu Chen

B. S., Jilin University, Material Chemistry

Email: xiaoyuccc@gmail.com

Pengchao Zhao

B. S., Shandong University, Chemistry

Email: zhaopengchao11@gmail.com

Dexter Siu Hong Wong

B. Eng., CUHK, Biomedical Engineering

Email: dexterwongcuhk@gmail.com

Lab manager

Ms. Melanie Wong

Email: mwong@ee.cuhk.edu.hk, Tele: 852-39435507


2017 group photo

Dr. Heemin Kang

Ph.D., University of California at San Diego,  Materials Science and Engineering

Dr. Boguang Yang

Ph.D., Tianjin University,  Polymer Science and Engineering

Weihao Yuan

B. Eng., East China University of Science and Technology, Polymer Materials and Engineering,

Dr. Chao Yin

Ph.D., Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Bioelectronics

Principal Investigator Postdoctoral fellow

Dr. Kongchang Wei

Ph.D., Fudan University, Polymer Chemistry and Physics

Email: kkcc.wei@gmail.com

Ph.D. candidates Bian Lab Biomaterials & Stem Cell Tissue Engineering Laboratory
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